Monday 15th May 2017

Arrival and Check-in of Guests and Delegates

Tuesday 16th May 2017

07.30H - 08.30H

08.30H - 08.35H

08.35H - 09.20H

Arrival and Registration

Zambia National Anthem

Welcoming Remarks

Remarks by World Bank Group

Handover of EDBI Steering Committee Presidency and Remarks

Opening Remarks

09.20H - 10.30H

10.45H - 11.30H

Opportunities to leverage Business Reforms for Industrialization, Value Addition and Job Creation

Implementation of Special Economic Zones

Panel Discussion

Q&A Session

11.30H - 12.15H

13.15H - 14.00H

Private Sector Perspective

Doing Business Reforms as a tool to enhance efficiency

Panel Discussion

Q&A Session

14.00H - 14.45H

Enhancing efficiency in Public Service Delivery: the role of Public Private Dialogue

Panel Discussion

Q&A Session

15.00H - 15.45H

What are the key priorities in business environment reforms?

Panel Discussion

Q&A Session

15.45H - 16.30H

Trading Across Borders: Enhancing Regional trade 

Panel Discussion

Q&A Session

16.30H - 17.15H

Getting Electricity: Enhancing access and efficiency

Panel Discussion

Q&A Session


Wednesday 17th May 2017

07.30H - 08.55H

08.55H - 09.00H

09.00H - 11.30H

Arrival and Registration




11.30H - 12.00H

Tour of Exhibitions

14.45H - 15.30H

Getting Credit

Panel Discussion

Q&A Session

15.45H - 16.30H

Simplifying Tax Administration procedures to enhance private sector growth and competitiveness

Panel Discussion

Q&A Session

16.30H - 17.00H

Registration for Excursion


Thursday 18th May 2017

07.30H - 08.00H

08.00H - 09.00H

09.00H - 12.30H

Registration and Entertainment

Enhancing SME Development

Presentation and Panel Discussion

“Speed Dating” on the following Institutions

  • Credit Reference Bureau
  • ZamPost (Integrated Government Self-Service Kiosk)
  • Patents and Companies Registration Agency
  • Zambia Revenue Authority,
  • Zambia Electricity Supply Company
  • Department of Immigration (Uni-Visa and E-Visa)

12.30H - 13.00H

Closing Session

14.00H - 17.00H

Victoria Falls Excursion and Boat Cruise


Friday 19th May 2017

Guests and Delegates check out at their own leisure

About The EDBI Conference

The Ease of Doing Business Initiative (EDBI) The EDBI Conference is a peer-to-peer learning event requested by African countries and supported by the World Bank Group, to facilitate knowledge sharing on Doing Business reforms.

The 2017 EDBI Conference will be hosted by the Government of Zambia and is scheduled to take place between May 15th and May 19th 2017 at the Avani Victoria Falls Resort in Livingstone, Zambia.

The theme for the 2017 conference is "Business Reforms for Industrialization, Value addition and Job Creation".